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Another one for the repeat list!

I'm always late to finds songs but I don't really care, I just enjoy them ;P

I got a big ol case of the fuck yous

I enjoy this video way too much xD

You can have my everything...

I shake off! I shake off!!

Had this on my head all day. *dances with Dean*

Nothing to see here

Soy Intelectual!!

Yuor the best!

This is just too good. Found it a long time ago but I keep watching it over and over again

No more classes...

Can't sleep... Can't think... Can't human...


Just before classes start and I lose my chance I will read all I can from my LONG reading list.

-Re-reads bunch of favorites and new stuff-

-reading list steadily grows-

Well, that worked nicely.


Why is it that some people feel the need to hurt other just because they are in a mood?
Happens all the time, sometimes you can just ignore it or reply in a similar manner but some other times you just get hurt because that person is using you to relieve some sort of stress or something.
Do I look like your fucking punching bag, ya frickin twat?